Contact the Marketplaces

At Marketplace level, you can get further assistance on your case. If you need to be in touch with the Marketplaces follow the instructions below.

On each Marketplace back-office, you can also access a variety of services helping you to improve your business (Performance Ads, Google Shopping, Sponsored products, banners, Fintech, Buy-box tools etc...)

Cdiscount ;

If your question concerns your registration, you can write to

If your account has already been approved, the best way to communicate with the Marketplace is to open a ticket via your Cdiscount Seller Back-office or contact your Account Manager if applicable

How to quickly open a ticket on Cdiscount/Octopia : Quick tuto here

For more comprehensive information on Cdiscount contact requests, requesting a call-back etc... you can follow this tutorial :

eMAG :

You can write to eMAG via the following link, selecting IMN as a ticket topic in the dropdown menu :


You can write to ePRICE via :

You can write to Kaufland via