Set-up your IMN Account

How can I set my Home & Target Marketplaces ?

This can be easily done by adding your API credentials of your existing home marketplace, and subscribing to your target market via the platform. Check the video tutorial showing how to do so in only 3 minutes!

Video Tutorial in English

Video Tutorial in French // Video Tutorial in German // Video Tutorial in Italian // Video Tutorial in Romanian

You can retreive them on the following page : API Credentials

I Have tried to enter my API Credentials on IMN, but it does not work - What can be the reason ?

When this issue occur, you need to make sure that your related marketplace API credentials entered on IMN are the correct ones, retrieving those by following the tutorials above. If the issue continues, please try to delete cookies and cache from your browser and try again. If that's not solved, please kindly test with an alternate browser.

If the issue persists despite those checks, best is to contact and verify the validity of your APIs with the marketplace itself.

Please note that for eMAG APIs in particular, before those being usable on IMN, eMAG has to be contacted directly by the Seller requesting the API activation for IMN (this is an extra security step they have In place on their end, as explained in the respective quick pdf tutorial).

In case you will have to contact Cdiscount , please do so opening a ticket on their back-office system.

For the other markets, those are the appropriate channels :

eMag -

EPrice -

I Selected a wrong home Marketplace on IMN - What to do in this case ?

For security reasons, the Home Marketplace is not modifiable.

Please follow the steps below to delete and re-create an account setting the correct Home Marketplace :

1 - Delete your current IMN profile.

This can be done by clicking 'delete' from your account details section, as shown in the screenshot available here : Delete your IMN Account

2 - Create a new IMN account. Very Important : the account has to be created with a different e-mail, as the first one will be inactivated. In the new account, you will have to select "I do not need to register to new marketplaces, I already have my accounts" on the registration process, as you already filled

in all the info and received your credentials - you will then have the new IMN account in a few seconds

How can I change my IMN Password ?

In order to change the password, you will have to disconnect from your profile and when trying to log in again, you will have to click on 'forgot password' and follow the steps to create a new one from there.