How do I create non-existing products on my target Marketplaces ?

When offers are imported on IMN via the home marketplace and then exported on the target market, the platform transfers the information across markets based on the EAN (also called GTIN) codes of the products. That means that two scenarios are possible:

> If the products you are selling are present already on your target marketplaces (if the EAN barcode is already there), your offers will automatically be crossed within a few hours, you do not need to do any other action in this regard, and you can control your offers from IMN;

> If the products are non-existent on your target marketplaces (EAN not present), those have to be created on the target marketplaces first.

Once this is done, your offers will be automatically matched on those. If this is your case, you can reach out to the account manager of your related marketplace, which will be available to help you out to create the products and fulfil the translations.

Please make sure to use the same EAN code when creating the product on the target marketplaces.

In case you find yourself in the second scenario, you can create the products for each market following the instructions below :

For, click here : Instructions to create your products on

For Cdiscount, click here : Instructions to create your products on Cdiscount

For ePrice, click here : Instructions to create your products on ePrice

For eMAG, click here : Instructions to create your products on eMAG

If you are unable to do so on your own, you can request help of the target marketplaces for product creation and translations.

For CDiscount (if CDiscount is your target market), that can be requested opening a ticket on your Cdiscount back office; you can use the subject " IMN - Request Help - Product Creation and Offer Sync ' .

For the other markets this can be requested by sending an email to the dedicated teams via:

eMAG - -


Can IMN take care of creating my product content on my Target Marketplaces ?

IMN takes care of sending your offer information automatically (EAN, Price, Shipping etc...) to the Target Marketplaces that you have selected.

If the products are not present, IMN will return a message in the "Offer List" of the selected Marketplace saying "Unknown Product".

IMN cannot automatically create content that is not present on the target marketplace - this operation will have to be done directly on the back-offices of the Marketplace.

However, IMN can facilitate this operation by collecting your product catalogue / feed in the different available languages and transferring it to the Marketplaces for facilitation of the work.

You will find the "Catalog" functionality in the left menu of your IMN space.

I need to create the variations of my products before being able to sell them (variations in Size, Colors...) - How do I proceed ?

This is specific for the products which have size and/or color variations - an initial extra step is needed at Marketplace level in order to match your size/color scheme to the right SKU family.

For Cdiscount, you will find instructions here :

For Kaufland, you will find instructions here :

I need to get my catalogue translated from my original language before creating - how can I do this ?

If a portion of your catalogue is not matching, you might need to get it translated before you are able to create it on the target marketplaces of your choice.

You are free to use any paid or free-to-use translation tool available (DeepL, Google...)

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