How to Manage your Offers

How can I Export my offers from my home Marketplace to the Target Marketplace(s) ?

To export your offers from your home market, connect it on IMN just by entering your API credentials on the section 'home marketplace'. 

Once the APIs are detected, import towards IMN will start. 

If you then want to export to the target markets, you just need to the same for the target markets, and set your price and shipping conditions.

Check the video here showing you how to do so step-by-step 

How can I export only certain offers ?

To only select certain offers to be exported on your target market, Click on the arrow close to the target market , select the blue button below 'see exported offers', and from the list you will have on the right end side, the possibility to put the offers 'on' or 'off'.

You can also 'edit' each offers parameters (price, inventory, stock) for each offer.

You can follow this tutorial if you need more help : Select the offers to export

How can I edit values for all offers such as Price, Shipping and preparation time ?

If you want to change your offer price, shipping costs and preparation time in bulk, you can easily do so clicking on the respective marketplace from the IMN Menu on the left side, and selecting 'price and shipping' - Click here if you want to see a help video

> Please note that Cdiscount accepts a maximum preparation time of 5 days in total. If it’s higher, the offers will be not correctly shown on Cdiscount, despite being exported via IMN.

This is explained in the ‘Price and Shipping’ Section too.

The total of preparation time for your offers (the value set on home market + the delay that you in case add via IMN) must be max 5 days. By 'preparation time', is intended the time needed to send the parcel to the post office. On the other hand, the 'shipping time', will be calculated by the marketplace automatically.

How can I edit values for single exported offers ?

As explained above, you can click on the three line symbol on the respective offer line from your export list, and click edit. A series of editable parameters will show up, including price, shipping and inventory stock 

You can click here for more help

I want to exclude some offers from being sent to the Target Marketplaces, with my own personalized rules. How can I do this? 

Thanks to the ‘’Exclusion Filters’’ , you are now able to determine your specific set of rules and exclude certain offers in IMN, deciding how to send them to the Target Marketplaces of your choice. 

You can also differentiate those rules from one Target Marketplace to another, as well as assign multiple rules at once. Thanks to the on/off switch on the right-side column, you can easily activate or deactivate your exclusion filters anytime. Find below the walkthrough showing how you can customize your exportation in just a few clicks!

Please find visual help below on how to proceed step by step : 

What if the sync from my Overview looks valid, the arrows are all green but my offers do not appear on the target Marketplace ?

When offers are imported on IMN via the home marketplace and then exported on the target market, the platform transfers the information across markets based on the EAN (also called GTIN) codes of the products. That means that two scenarios are possible:

> If the products you are selling are present already on your target marketplaces (if the EAN barcode is already there), your offers will automatically be crossed within a few hours, you do not need to do any other action in this regard, and you can control your offers from IMN;

> If the products are non-existent on your target marketplaces (EAN not present), those have to be created on the target marketplaces first. 

Once this is done, your offers will be automatically matched on those. If this is your case, you can reach out to the account manager of your related marketplace, which will be available to help you out to create the products and fulfil the translations. 

Please make sure to use the same EAN code when creating the product on the target marketplaces.

 In case you find yourself in the second scenario, you can create the products for each market following the instructions below :

For, click here : Instructions to create your products on

For Cdiscount, click here : Instructions to create your products on Cdiscount

For ePrice, click here : Instructions to create your products on ePrice

For eMAG, click here : Instructions to create your products on eMAG

If you are unable to do so on your own, you can request help of the target marketplaces for product creation and translations. 

For CDiscount (if CDiscount is your target market), that can be requested opening a ticket on your Cdiscount back office; you can use the subject " IMN - Request Help - Product Creation and Offer Sync ' . 

For the other markets this can be requested sending an email to the dedicated teams at :

eMag - - 

EPrice - 

I made changes manually on the target marketplace's back office while my IMN Sync is active. Would this cause an overwrite on my changes ?

If you connect your target market with IMN , IMN will update what is shown on the target market , overriding other manual changes that you might do yourself on the respective target market back-office.


This relates to how in principle IMN works :Every hour, IMN updates the target market sending information to it, based on what is syncing from your home market. 

If you do a change manually on the target market back-office while the connection on the IMN overview is active, that change will be therefore overwritten by IMN.

If you want your manual changes done at the target market back office to stay in place, it's still possible, but in this case, the solution would be to manage your target markets manually 'deactivating the synchronization' from your IMN Overview. 

You can do so, and still be an IMN user and benefit of the commercial discounts on membership costs on each market. 

The sync towards Cdiscount looks valid, the arrows are all green but my offers do not appear on the target Marketplace ?

In the case of Cdiscount as a Target Marketplace, you will be asked to fill in 3 Delivery modes :

Cdiscount requires both Tracked and Registered to be filled in for any offer - in the IMN Tool, you will need to fill in both modes for your offers to be activated.

The "Standard" mode is optional - you can choose not to offer untracked orders at all, in any case, the customer will not be able to choose untracked for all orders above a certain threshold. 

More information here :

My IMN dashboard is showing an error "Needs Variation Creation", what do I have to do ?

This is specific for the products which have size and/or color variations - an initial extra step is needed at Marketplace level in order to match your size/color scheme to the right SKU family. 

For Cdiscount, you will find instructions here :

For Kaufland, you will find instructions here :  

How do I suspend my offer new sync on one of the Marketplaces (What happens exactly if I turn off the sync arrow) ?

If you would like to temporarily suspend the updates from IMN towards one of the Target Marketplaces, please click on the appropriate arrow in your IMN back-office and select "Disable sync" as shown here : Disable sync

With this solution, it will be possible for you to directly use the Marketplace back-office to send your offer information if you prefer so.

Very important! Please note that this will prevent further updates of your stock/price/shipping towards the target market, but will NOT eliminate the offer list that was previously sent to the Market. That still remains visible to consumers: IMN will stop sending new information to the Marketplace but your previously added data will still be there. If instead you want to completely put in stand-by your shop (not showing your offers to consumers) , please follow the ''Holiday Mode'' procedure.

How do I suspend completely my sales on one of the Marketplaces (Holiday Mode) ?

If you would like to completely suspend the sales on one or several marketplaces (put your offer list in stand-by, not showing it to consumers ) , please note that just deactivating the sync from your Overview (turning off the arrow to the Target Market) will NOT be sufficient.


You will need to activate the Holiday Mode on each of the Markets which you would like to suspend the offer publication.


Here below you can find the procedure for each Marketplace. : 

You can use a mass editing function to pause all your items in the shop:

Please proceed as follows: 

Select all your items -> A drop-down will pop up -> Select action 'Pause'

If you update your stock via a shop system or software interface, please do the necessary changes there as well in order to avoid new orders coming in during your time off. Despite your offers being offline, we kindly remind you to regularly check customer tickets and respond within 48 hours.

Cdiscount : 

Instructions for Holiday Mode (Cdiscount)


In your ePRICE back-end, click on "My Account > Setting".

You have a date field where it says "Closed from" - Please enter the holiday dates that you would like to implement and click on "Save".

Your offers will be removed from the website inbetween this period and no new orders will be recorded. 

eMAG : 

Instructions for Holiday Mode (eMAG)

How to use the on/off function and the "disable all' function in the exported offer list? What is the difference between 'disable all' in the export and turning off the offer sync arrow from the Target Marketplace?

For each Target Marketplace, you will be able to access a detailed list of exported offers where several options are shown - including disabling some of your offers or all of your offers to prevent them from appearing on the selected marketplaces.

It is important to clarify what the "on/off" and "disable all' function does and does not.

By "disabling all' your exported offers, no further updates will be sent to the Target Market,  but the offers in the Target Market will still be visible to consumers as per your previous sync.


The on/off on the single offers or groups of offers though, will go a step further: If you put on 'off' certain offers, those will go to stock 0 on your target market - and therefore not be sold anymore.


If your goal is to freeze all your catalogue (all your offers to stock 0) then th safest and fastest way to do so, is to set the shop in 'Holiday Mode' from the related Marketplace back-office. Procedures per Marketplaces are available here.