How do I Register to IMN ?

A single address to register and access your account :

You will be asked to fill in your shop and personal details; when saving the first page of details, your account will be created.

Please follow thise step-by-step video tutorial in order to see how easy it is to join IMN and register to additional Marketplaces :)

What do I need to Register ?

All you will need is an active account on one of the 4 Partner Marketplaces (Cdiscount, eMAG, Kaufland or ePrice) - This account will be used as your Home Marketplace to retreive your offers.

What are the documents required to register ?

You may need to upload documents and supply proof of the company information (e.g. beneficial owner, VAT number (where applicable), Chamber of Commerce Registration, etc.)

What is the cost of joining one or several target marketplaces via IMN ?

When joining your target marketplaces via IMN, the membership is completely free.

You will always only pay your home marketplace membership, with the advantage of using up to 4 marketplaces at the cost of 1.

*Please note that when subscribing to Cdiscount via IMN as your target marketplace, you might receive an automatic email from Cdiscount mentioning a cost of 39eur per month once approved. That is because you are, in full effect, receiving from Cdiscount a membership of that economical value, which however, will be waived to zero as you come from IMN.

We want to specify this, as sometimes these automatic can create some confusion, and again confirm that the membership for you joining Cdiscount via IMN, will be indeed for free.

Can I connect already existing marketplace accounts into IMN, or do I necessarily need to create new ones via the registration form ?

Yes, you can connect your existing accounts as target marketplaces if you have those already.

In that case, you don't need to create a new one; you can just enter your existing API credentials for the respective market into the IMN overview

How long does it takes to be approved on target marketplaces, once I submit the registration form ?

Once the form is submitted, the marketplace will process your request and get back at you once it's approved, or, if they need more information on your end.

The time for approving your form and receive an answer from the target markets, it usually oscillates between 2 and 10 working days.

How much time do I have to finalize the Registration form ?

Due to security reasons, the registration form, once it's initiated, lasts for 30 days.

Once expired, the registration process will have to be initiated again.

What if my Registration form is expired ?

If your form is expired, you can start a new form again in the very same way as you previously did - you just need to contact us first in order to "rest" your form.

Once done by our teams, You will be able to start a registration form by clicking on the arrow ''interested in?'' just close to the target market of interest, and then clicking on the blue button below ''subscribe''.

A new form will open. In the first step, you will select your home marketplace, and then, you will select the markets you want to register to, proceeding to enter your details.

Once all details are filled in, you can submit the form to the target markets

I have filled the form but I can't click on "Submit", why ?

When the 'submit' button is not clickable, it's either because all mandatory fields are not fully and correctly filled (for that, we would advise to review/double check all fields of the form) , or, because there is an issue at the server/browser level, which can be solved by deleting cache/cookies, and/or re-trying from an alternate browser.

Please make sure that all tabs are 'green' and completely filled in.

If you still experience the same issue, you can contact us at

In the "Bank Information" section, I am asked to enter the "bank account number" - What is it ?

On the section 'bank information' of the registration form.

the field 'account number' refers to a bank identifier number , usually between 8 and 12 characters, provided by your bank. However this can differ from bank to bank and sometimes is not detected by the form. You can simply copy/paste again the very same IBAN you wrote above, this will be sufficient to submit the form. In the rare case in which more specific details could be needed in reference to the ‘account number’, the target marketplace will notify you within 2-10 working days from submitting your form.

The registration form is asking for a utility bill. What is it exactly ?

In order to fulfil the bill request and submit the registration form, you can upload any bill associated with the address of your Store and with your name on it, or the name that is associated to the IMN registered account.

Essentially, the IMN details have to match the Store and Store owner details. If this type of documentation at this stage is complicated for you to retrieve, best is to still complete and submit the form uploading an alternate proof or registration of the company where the matching address is visible.If there's anything that has to be added to validate your registration, the selected target marketplace will then assist you directly after receiving your form.

Please note that from when your documentation is sent out, the marketplace will have a time window of 2-10 working days to provide you with an update.

I Have a VAT of my home Marketplace, do I need one from each country ?

You don't need to open a VAT for each country you will operate into, you only need one single valid VAT from any country of EU. Your home marketplace VAT it is sufficient to use IMN

I am requested to enter my VAT but I don't have one, can I join IMN without it ?

It is not possible to join IMN without a valid European VAT. This is a mandatory requirement to be part of IMN