FAQs - IMN Shutdown on Oct 31st 2023

We regret to inform you that our technical platform will no longer be operational starting October 31st, 2023.

You will find the main FAQs around the closure below - do not hesitate to reach out to us at contact@imnnow.com

What is the impact of the shutdown for me ?

Starting from October 31st, 2023, you will no longer have access to or be able to use the IMN technical platform to register or to facilitate connections between participating marketplaces. Consequently, the automatic transfer of offers and orders through IMN will no longer be possible after this date. 

What will happen to my already opened Marketplace accounts after Oct 31st, 2023 ?

It will not be possible to add additional new marketplaces via the IMN program.

However, your accounts and listed offers on each of the selected marketplaces will remain fully active. Your listed offers will still be visible and available for purchase, although without the automated services and updates previously provided by IMN. 

How can I migrate my offers/orders if I use the automatic IMN Sync ?

If you use the automatic offer/order sync between IMN and your target Marketplaces - meaning that IMN is your main synchronization tool between your home Marketplace and your Target Marketplaces, you will have to find an alternate solution starting Oct 31st, 2023.

 Alternate solutions can be : 

Which other software can I use as an alternative to IMN ?

There are many middleware software/feed providers that can assist you in the transition - each Marketplace has its list of compatible software.

IMN has been designed by Beezup, which covers all connections except eMAG :  https://www.beezup.com/ 

Other software / Integrators are listed here : 

*** https://www.kaufland.de/i/haendler-infobereich/de/so-funktionierts/partnernetzwerk/

*** https://octopia.com/partners?partner_category=feed-manager-en&partner_public=marketplace-seller

*** https://www.eprice.it/p/marketplace/integratori-eng

What will happen to my monthly Marketplace subscription fees ?

IMN was providing an offer that offered a free monthly fee on each of the newly chosen Marketplaces. 

After October 31st, 2023, each Marketplace will be free to handle the policy regarding their monthly fees - they will come back to you at a later stage concerning their decision - you can also reach out to them separately: https://help.imnnow.com/english/contact-the-marketplaces

I can't handle the Marketplaces manually before Oct 31st, what should I do ? 

If you are unsure that you can find a solution before Oct 31st to handle your offer/order synchronization, we recommend that you follow the procedures to "pause" the publication of your offers to avoid purchases that you can't fulfil. 

You will have to use the "vacation mode" or "holiday mode" on each of the Marketplaces : https://help.imnnow.com/english/manage-your-offers#h.uzy1gdlqy362

Specific instructions to migrate my Kaufland account :

To connect to Kaufland.de over 110 international Software-connections are available: You can search for partner on the partner network page:


If you have any questions about Kaufland during your migration, the Kaufland Seller Support will be glad to help you https://www.kaufland.de/seller/contact-form/ 

More Kaufland partners : click here 

Specific instructions to migrate my Cdiscount/ Octopia account :

Cdiscount/ Octopia offers multiple integrations to most of the existing software on the market - more information can be found here such as Beezup, BigBuy , ChannelEngine, Linnworks, ShoppingFeed, Tradebyte and many more :  https://marketplace.cdiscount.com/en/our-partners/

By joining Cdiscount, you are part of the Octopia Community and are connected to a world of development and business opportunities. 

Octopia offers multiple options to manage your offers through its marketplaces, among which you can find Cdiscount Marketplace.


Step 1 : Login to the Octopia Seller Portal : https://auth.octopia.com

Step 2 : Make sure your delivery modes and areas are correctly set up.

Step 3 : Manage your offers.


You can access useful documentation Products > Sell products in bulk > Useful documentation and in your Help Center !

Specific instructions to migrate my ePRICE account :

Cdiscount/ Octopia offers multiple integrations to most of the existing software on the market - more information can be found here:


Specific instructions to migrate my eMAG  account :

eMAG offers an integration with Baselinker - as well as manual, bulk or API listing.

Please find more information here :


How can I connect directly to the Marketplaces using their API documentation ?

Direct API connection to the Marketplaces is possible - you will find the documentation here : 

https://sellerapi.kaufland.com/  - KAUFLAND

https://www.eprice.it/p/marketplace/integratori-eng - EPRICE

https://dev.cdiscount.com/marketplace/ - Cdiscount / Octopia

https://marketplace.emag.ro/infocenter/emag-academy/importul-prin-feed/documentatie-tehnica/ - EMAG