What are the payment conditions for my sales ?

You will be paid for your sales directly by the Marketplaces, following their own payment conditions - Each channel will transfer your funds corresponding only to the sales which were made on this particular channel, over a defined period.


When selling on ePRICE, the transfer of your accrued collections is made automatically every week from the payment account (managed by Nuvei) to your personal bank account.  

On your Seller Portal, you’ll have access to a dashboard that summarizes "debit amounts” that will be part of the calculations for the next cycle and "pending amounts”, related to orders not yet delivered. 


Depending on your product category, ePRICE retains a commission either of 5.5% or 8% on each transaction (total amount of the basket cart). - 

In addition, our trusted Payment Platform (Nuvei) can retain an additional commission of 1.5% for all transactions with VISA and Mastercard cards or 2.5% for American Express. 

Please note that the info provided here is up to date to January 2023. We kindly advise you to double-check with the ePRICE team in case of further updates or changes in their payment policies: : https://www.eprice.it/p/marketplace-eng 



All the information is available at the following links


(French only) : https://clients.cdiscount.com/simple/cgv.aspx



All info on Kaufland payment services can be accessed at the following link :


Please kindly note that Kaufland does not provide upfront a full list of payment methods as whether some are accepted or not can depend on a variety of factors, inherent to the Sellers' profile.

However, the most common are listed on the above link, and scroll to the bottom section of the page (e.g. Klarna, Paypal, or Credit card options).